Register with credit card online, at (860) 712-9303, or by stopping in the shop.  Class size is limited.

Next class sessions are listed here.

Welcome to the ESP Studio!
I've designed a variety of Class, Studio, and Workshop options to meet different needs, levels, and schedules. If you've been in the shop, you've seen the unique space I've created for you: Come in to great views, warm bright lights, and new friends. If you've taken the full tour, you've seen the main basement studio, which I've enjoyed designing to be both a functional and very interesting space to work in. We've recently expanded to give you more working views of the river (and train) from the wheel and hand-building areas, and we've added a very funky lounge under the giant Main Street rock wall.  You'll have ample storage areas for your work and a full array of production equipment.  



Instructor: Teri Herel

Dates: 8 Wednesdays 6:30-9 plus 4 hours weekly studio time

Age: Adults and Teens, any level

Cost: $295   

Register: with credit card online, at (860) 712-9303, or by stopping in the shop during hours

Designed to accommodate both advancing students as well as beginners with no prior clay experience. This class will cover the basics of wheel throwing, hand-building, and glazing stoneware pottery. Students will be able to make and finish a variety of fun and functional pottery. Advanced techniques will be offered at your request (or my mood du jour).  

Class cost includes a 20 pound bag of stoneware clay, a one-time basic tool kit, use of studio equipment, and basic glazes and firing of all pots made at the studio.**

Additional studio hour packages are available.  


Lesson for Two!

Instructor: Teri

Dates: By Arrangement

Age: Teens & Adults, any level  

Cost: $95.    

Register: with credit card online, at (860) 712-9303, or by stopping in the shop during hours

A private lesson for two! This special format includes 45 minutes of private instruction for ANY skill level (including beginner-beginners) with an additional half hour to practice and get muddy on your own. Clay is included along with firing of any pots that stand upright when all is said and done. :)  


flexible class 

Instructor: Teri 

Age: Teens & Adults, any level

Dates: Scheduled individually

Cost: $55 per class, per person. Minimum initial package: Three classes per person.  

A class designed for flexible schedules! Pricing and progression are designed to match the regular 8-week session instruction, but on a more personal timetable.

Start with three classes, and add as many additional ones as you like.  Each class includes one 45-minute private lesson with Teri, an additional hour of practice time immediately after, PLUS one additional day of studio hours. We will cover all of the basics and advancing clay techniques for as long as you like!

Class cost includes an initial bag of stoneware clay, use of studio tools and equipment, and basic glazes and firing of all pots made at the studio.



Host: Teri

Age: Adults with prior ESP Class experience and Teri's approval

Dates: Per hour

Cost: $12 per hour paid in advance, in one-hour blocks

For students with prior ESP class experience looking to continue hobby work for their own personal use.* Fee includes use of studio equipment during posted studio hours, glazing, and firing of pots made in the studio.** Short-term ware storage will be provided.  Clay must be purchased from the studio. 

*Please inquire for commercial or business rates.  
**Pots made outside of the studio may be fired with firing fees and terms. 



Cost: 3 cents per cubic inch for bisque or glaze. (Bisque pots can be "nested" to save space).

For students with ESP experience. This fee does not include use of any studio space, materials, or equipment. Clays and glazes are subject approval. 


    The full basement studio will be open for currently enrolled students and studio renters during all posted shop hours (Tues-Sun) with some additional evening time TBD, including second-Friday Arts on Main.  Studio hours are not open to students during breaks between class sessions. Individual weekly total studio hours are in accordance with registered class package.

  • CLAY
    Three clays will be available for purchase for students and renters from the studio at $15 per 25 pound bag:  White Stoneware with sand, Cream White Stoneware with very low grog, Speckly Brown Stoneware with medium grog.  A 20 pound bag of reclaim is included with each class registration. 

    A large set of basic glazes and underglazes are available

  •  TOOLS
    Students will be responsible for their own working tools (a one-time beginner set will be included free with class registration).  The studio will also maintain and provide a collection of specialty/odd tools available for everyone.

    Our fully functional basement studio equipment will include: Two ten-cubic-foot electric kilns (I will be doing the loading and firing for you), nine wheels plus one kick wheel for the energetic, a giant slab roller, a three-inch barrel extruder with a large die assortment, ware boards, bats, brushes, banding wheels, and probably a bazillion other things I can't think of right now.  

    You'll have space to spread out.  We have sturdy work tables for glazing and hand-building on both sides of the basement, a two-bay sink for cleanup, plenty of pot storage, and a social wheel area with a view of the river & train. 

    I will cancel classes at my best discretion no later than 4pm on class nights. If there is any question, please call (860) 712-9303. Any cancelled classes will be added on at the end of the session, so please keep those dates free, because this is New England.  

    Any unforeseen teacher cancellations will be announced as soon as possible and made up at the end of the session. Student cancellations will not be rescheduled or reimbursed. In the event a student needs to withdraw registration prior to the start of classes or workshop, a refund will be given minus a $50 cancellation fee.  Registration will not be refunded after classes start.  

    At the end of your work session, anything you use in the studio needs to be left in the state you found it: Equipment needs to be cleaned and put away or put back together.  Floor spills, table surfaces, wedging boards, etc. need to be cleaned. Any studio tools need to be stored back in their places. Please allow enough time in your studio or class session (usually fifteen minutes is adequate). Please, for the love of my sanity, do NOT leave tools on the draining racks. Also, for the love of my home washing machine, please help us out and take home to wash any studio rags or aprons you borrow. 

    All Hourly Rental and Flexible Class students will have space on the shelves marked “Hourly Rental" for tools, projects, and clay. Every currently enrolled wheel class and full-time rental student will have an individually assigned shelf space for your projects and tools.  This is your space to manage and do with what you like. I'll provide the studio with a big supply of dry-cleaning bags for pot-drying, and you're welcome to use your own plastic bins as long as you fit them and everything else in your space. Any bone dry or to-be-glazed pots can be put on the community firing shelves.  All student student storage areas for non-returning students need to be cleared one week after the last class session. I will hold fired pots up to six weeks after the last class for you to pick up at your convenience during shop hours. Pots abandoned more than six months in any area of the studio, and in any state of done-ness will be donated to our annual studio fundraiser, or commandeered by me for party/event serving dishes. :)  

    Specialty materials for co-op students (three or more consecutive sessions) will be available on a co-op payment basis. This will vary based on your interest and can range from special glazes, clays, stains, etc. All co-op materials will be stored under the glazing workbench. Co-op students should be checking all glazes used with the hydrometer and to be glazing responsibly. Approved outside glazes can currently be used on interiors only. Co-op glazes can be used as marked on containers. Please glaze responsibly: Excessively runny pots will be charged a firing fee.   

    Pottery breaks. I will do everything in my power to take good care of your babies, but please remember that this is a community space, and things WILL get broken from time to time. Firing is also a dynamic process, with weird mishaps on a fairly regular basis. Along with empathy for your broken pot, I will also offer instructions on how to make shard mosaics. 

    As soon as I possibly can.  The studio will be operating two kilns to maintain the best firing continuity possible, however unforeseen maintenance may periodically cause temporary delays in firing. I will be encouraging students to have multiple projects going on at the same time so you always have something to work on.  

    Students will not load, unload, or operate kilns
    Long hair should be tied back during any wheel work
    Long hanging jewelry and ties should be removed during wheel work (Please keep track of these items: The studio will not be responsible for lost or damaged items).
    No food or drink is allowed in the glazing area. 
    There is no sanding of bone-dry pottery inside the building.  Use wet or damp sponge cleaning for any pottery or equipment.  
    No smoking inside the building
    No alcohol in the studio during classes OR studio hours
    Registered children younger than 13 need to be accompanied by a parent
    Children under 13 not registered in classes are not permitted to accompany registered students in the studio
    Guests over 13 are welcome in the studio but may not use clay or equipment

    There is none. Stay off the tracks and enjoy the terror. :)

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