ESP Pottery & Teri Herel.

At ESP Pottery, artist Teri Herel hand-makes unique, elegant gifts in creamy white stoneware with bright glazes and sparkling glass accents.  

As well as incorporating recycled components into her work, including reclaimed clay, recycled glass and green energy firing, Teri’s aesthetic vision leans toward creating unique centerpiece vessels by capturing light through shape, texture and glaze effects. She contrasts a creamy matte clay body with unique bright glazes that sparkle in the daylight and reflect candlelight at night. Her most recent challenge has been to create deeper texture with elegant antique lace and hand-carved wood stamps.

In the heart of Main Street in Downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut, you can stop in daily to find all of Teri's pottery. If your timing is right, you'll be able to catch her working on the wheel on the main floor of the shop. You can browse the pottery, sign up for lessons, or perhaps paint a tile and hang out in this movie-set-unique little town.  

If you want to explore your own inner artisan, there will be a variety of ongoing lessons and workshops. The pottery's full lower level is dedicated to students and classes. You'll be able to choose from eight-week sessions, one-night unwind workshops, and studio rental space. This unique and fun space has a great view of Middle River, a three foot deep rock wall underneath Main Street, and an occasional gigantic train that runs four feet from the back door.

Lately, you'll see some of these unique features, and Teri's growing love of Stafford Springs, showing up in new designs. Colorful tiny trains, for example, are carved into cups and bowls. Coming this summer, the absolutely unique mineral deposits from the Stafford Springs historic Mineral Iron Spring will be showing its orangey goodness in a new series of vessels.  

Whether you're local or out of town, you can also keep up to date through Teri's online blog with pictures, event listings, and questions about future projects.