Maintaining Rhythm

Whenever I'm asked what part of the clay process I enjoy most, my answer is always whatever I happen to be doing at that moment.  It could be throwing, trimming, carving, or loading the kiln. (Ok, it's rarely glazing and NEVer cleaning the kiln shelves).  Although there's an economical component to doing the same task for a period of time, the truth is that I find there is a momentum and rhythm that my brain latches on to.  Eventually I'll complete a step and have to move on, but once I've started the next thing, it happens all over again.  

What does this mean for you?  It means I have four *packed* bins of mugs drying for the next firing:  Big mugs, little mugs, and some tiny espresso mugs.  Mugs with lace, mugs with Indian wood stamps.  I'll probably run a fire and glaze on those before I start the next thing.  

What's next?  I keep getting requests for handle-less mugs.  For a potter, this is a dream come true!  The only thing holding it up is my brain waffling over the design and size.  What I'd *like* to do is make them the same colors as the new marbled vases, with velvety charcoal interiors (similar to the recent pictures).  The problem with that is that the extra time associated with that technique will keep the price similar to mugs with handles.  I think I'll do a set of those and also think about what would look best on a second set without the marbling.  Do you have a favorite mug glaze combination?

I also think I need some pie plates.  (Believe it or not, now is the time I start thinking about fall.  How awesome would a hot pie in a pottery dish be on a cool day?).  I'll have to make some time this week to cast a form.  Curly edges, right?  No-brainer.  

And... we're still working behind the scenes too.  Keep the excitement & energy coming.